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Alan Hangover 2 Quotes, Alan QuotesLike Alan Quotes in The Hangover 2 movie?

Zach Galifianakis cast as Alan in The Hangover 2. Below are some of the most popular quotes by Alan. Most of the Alan quotes are contributed by Hangover 2 fans. More quotes will be added soon.

Alan Quotes in The Hangover 2

Alan: “None of you know Stu like I do. Not you. Not you. Not you. Not you. Not nobody knows Stu like I do. No one. I can’t even tell you what we’ve been through because we made a pact, more important than blood. What I can tell you is this. This is not Stu’s first marriage. There was a whore in Las Vegas a couple of years ago…”

Alan: “When a monkey nibbles on a penis, its funny in every language!”

Stu: “That’s supposed to be done by a registered nurse.”
Alan: “I am a nurse, I’m just not registered.”

Alan: “Come on monkey, taste it!”
Stu: “He’s not gonna understand you!”
*Monkey licks it*
Alan: “Does it taste like Shitaki?”

Alan: “He’s farting from all the medication”

Stu: “I have a demon inside me”
Alan: “It’s true, he has semen in him.”

Alan: “My uncle roger said he once saw an albino polar bear”
Stu: “Really? Polar bears are white, how does he know it was albino?”
Alan: “Cause it was black”
Stu: “You ever think maybe it was just a black bear?”
Alan: “Whatever”

Alan: “I don’t get it, is this a magic show?”

Samir: “Tell Chow I said hellooooooo”
Alan: “hellooooa?”
Samir: “no more like helloooooo”
Alan: “heeeeelllooooo”
Samir: “Get the f*ck out of here.”

Alan: “I wish monkeys could skype.. maybe someday”

Alan: “I’m a stay-at-home son.”

Alan: “What is this a P.F. Chang’s?”

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