Chow Hangover 2 Quotes

Chow Hangover 2 Quotes, Stu QuotesLike Chow Quotes in The Hangover 2 movie?

Ken Jeong cast as Chow in The Hangover 2. Below are some of the most popular quotes by Chow. Most of the Chow quotes are contributed by Hangover 2 fans. More quotes will be added soon.

Chow Quotes in The Hangover 2

Mr. Chow: “Sometimes when you snort coke, your heart stops and starts up again. Read a book!”

Mr. Chow: “Used to be just balony, now they make you add numba!”

Mr. Chow: “I’m on my way niggas !”

Mr. Chow: “Not terrible, what you talkin bout? Its fuckin genius! Ever see monkey go to jail?”

Mr. Chow: “We had a sick night bitches!”

Phil: “Who is that f*cking guy anyway?”
Mr. Chow: “He part of my business”
Phil: “and what business is that?”
Mr. Chow: “It’s called not YOUR business, kayy?”

Mr. Chow: “I’m an international criminal, it always ends like this… I met my wife at one of these things.”
Stu: “You have a wife?”
Mr. Chow: “Yeah, we married 15 years. What? Chow not good looking enough for women?”

Mr. Chow: “Did you die?”
Phil: “No but i got shot!”
Mr. Chow: “Yeah, but did you die?!”

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  1. ac says:

    What does chow say about doing blow with the monkey while he watches stu do the he-she?

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    • joe says:

      That little monkey snorted coke with me all night, jerking me off while I watched you make f*ck with lady boy.

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  2. ballicki says:

    omg to funny chow is the shitttt

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