Doug Hangover 2 Quotes

Doug Hangover 2 Quotes, Doug QuotesLike Doug Quotes in The Hangover 2 movie?

Justin Bartha cast as Doug in The Hangover 2. Below are some of the most popular quotes by Doug. Most of the Doug quotes are contributed by Hangover 2 fans. More quotes will be added soon.

Doug Quotes in The Hangover 2

Doug: “What’s going on? Where are you guys?”
Phil: “I don’t know man. We woke up in some shithole room in some city.”
Doug: “Oh god, what city?”
Phil: “I don’t know Doug. F*cking Asiatown!”

Doug: “No one here has to know.”

Doug: “Stu would like to invite you to his wedding.”
Stu: “Well only if you’re not busy.”
Phil: “Stu?”
Stu: “Well, maybe the Jonas Brothers are in town.”
Alan: “Nope, they’re in Raleigh, Durham that weekend.”

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