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Phil Hangover 2 Quotes, Phil QuotesLike Phil Quotes in The Hangover 2 movie?

Bradley Cooper cast as Phil in The Hangover 2. Below are some of the most popular quotes by Phil. Most of the Phil quotes are contributed by Hangover 2 fans. More quotes will be added soon.

Phil Quotes in The Hangover 2

Phil: “Stu Come on, Get up. We got a situation”
Stu: “Where are we”
“You’re gonna freak out, but its gonna be ok.”

Alan: “This is not Stu’s first marriage
There was a whore in Las Vegas a couple of years …..”
Phil: All right, time’s up. Time to sit down, buddy.”

Phil: “Pull that monkey in!”

Phil at iHOP: “if it wasn’t for Vegas you would have married a cunt, (looks at old couple) it’s ok its a bachelor party.”

Phil: “Chow! What are you doing here?”
Alan: “He’s my plus one.”

Phil: “Alan, your hair is gone.”
Alan: *feels beard*

Phil: “You ever do anything that doesn’t end up in a standoff, Chow?”
Chow: “I’m an international criminal, it always ends like this.”

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